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Window Replacement: What You Need to Know

Pella Window and Doors of Pittsburgh

Feb 25, 2022

Replacing your home’s windows is an involved process with a high ticket price. From your first inkling that it might be time to upgrade to the day of installation, there’s a lot to learn. Let’s talk about how to prepare for the big project, and what to expect on installation day so you can be as prepared as possible.

Home Window Replacement Costs

There is no surefire way to estimate window replacement costs, but having a baseline of knowledge to help navigate the landscape of window replacement can mitigate sticker shock.

Variables to Consider

Each home is unique, and therefore each window replacement process will be as well. Here are some of the decisions you need to make before you get started.

Window Replacement Material

What material do you want for your replacement windows? Was the current material a factor in your decision to replace? There are varying benefits to each type of window material. Wood windows are durable, beautiful, and energy efficient when built and installed correctly. Fiberglass windows offer a different aesthetic and also pack an energy efficiency punch. Choose your preferred material to start narrowing down your price range.

Window Replacement Style

Are you going for a certain aesthetic or look? Is it time to update your window style to something a little more on trend, or are you hoping to stick with a timeless window style that exudes classic vibes? Whatever your answers to these questions, they will lay the foundation for another price point negotiation: window style. Style will dictate size and size will play into price. However, style also dictates complexity of installation, which is another major factor in any window replacement project. Narrow down your preferred styles to a top 3-5 and have some flexibility if your all-time favorite doesn’t quite fit your budget.

Window Replacement Budget

While your budget may not impact the total cost of your ideal window replacement project, it will impact the cost overall. Before you fall head over heels in love with windows you can’t afford, write down your budgetary range. This keeps your costs and your mind grounded as you work through the process.

Window Technology

Window performance technology has come a long way, which means there is plenty to consider here. What are you hoping to achieve with this window replacement project? Do you want a more energy efficient home? Do you wish it were cooler in the summer months or warmer in the winter? Do you desperately hope to stop hearing your neighbor’s dog barking at six in the morning? Sound mitigation, energy efficiency and the ability to hold or reflect heat are all with Pella’s advanced window technology. The more advanced the window technology, the higher the price point.

Window Replacement Process

Start With Your Vision

As with all home improvement projects, the seed of the idea and the dream that comes from it is the best place to start. While in the end your wildest dreams may not be entirely possible, dreaming big is the best way to land on a final product that increases your

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