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Now You See It, Now You Don't: Meet the Hidden Screen

Re-posted from Pella Windows & Doors Pittsburgh Blog

Window screens can certainly be an eyesore, but when it comes to enjoying some fresh air within the comfort of your home, they’re great at keeping unwanted items — bugs, dirt, leaves or anything else the wind might blow your way — out. The practicality of window screens versus their stylistic deficiency is an argument many homeowners face when replacing their windows; Pella’s newest innovation, the Hidden Screen, is here to solve it once and for all.

A Window Screen Like No Other

The first and only hidden screen for vinyl windows among leading national window brands, our easy-to-use screen solution appears when you open your windows and self-stores inside a color-matched cartridge when you close them.

How It Works

When you open a window to enjoy some fresh air, the Hidden Screen tightly positions itself within the window to keep bugs and other wind-swept debris out. Once you close the window, the Hidden Screen is no longer visible, providing a clearer view and more natural light in your home than a conventional screen would. From an outside perspective — literally — your beautiful windows are on display for neighbors to admire, rather than being obstructed by unsightly screens.

Long-Lasting and Low-Maintenance

The Hidden Screen is made of durable screen cloth and designed for long-lasting use. It managed to withstand 9,400 testing cycles, which is the equivalent of opening and closing your window every day for 25 years.

  • Minimal cleaning: The screen’s storage cartridge is engineered to withstand water infiltration and keeps the screen away from the elements, dirt and other debris when not in use.

  • Self-alignment: If your Hidden Screen becomes misaligned after a collision with your excited pet or a rogue ball from driveway basketball practice, simply close your window completely and reopen it to realign the screen.

  • Retrofitting: Our vinyl windows are built to last, so we’d never create an enhancement that would require them to be replaced earlier than necessary. The Hidden Screen can be easily added to any existing 250 Series single-hung, double-hung or sliding windows in your home.

Visit your nearest showroom to experience the convenience of the Hidden Screen. A Pella professional can help you color-match the screen’s storage cartridge to your vinyl frames so your home can be as practical as it is stylish, whether the windows are opened or closed.

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