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This is it! Window installation day is almost here! Do you have your house ready? Have you asked your contractor all the right questions? Do you know what to expect and have you planned accordingly?

The window installation process can make your home a little busier than usual, but if you know how to prepare for the day, everything should be relatively quick and easy.

Here is a checklist to help your window installation process go smoothly:

Remove blinds, curtains and alarms

According to contractors, these are the things that cause the biggest delays. Blinds can take hours to remove and the process can be complicated. It also might be best to get your security company out to disconnect your window alarms. This needs to be done before your old windows can be removed and new windows installed. Getting everything ready ahead of time will help everyone stay on schedule.

Clear space around windows

You should generally have around 5-feet of clear space around your windows, though this can vary depending on the project. While installers can usually help you move things, it’s a much smoother process if it’s done ahead of time. And there are some items, like pianos or antiques, that installers might not help with, so it’s best to plan ahead.

Create a plan for kids, pets and life at home

It’s going to be a work zone and safety needs to be a top priority. You’ll want to make sure you have safe spots identified so kids and pets aren’t at risk and don’t get in the way. In many cases, you can work with your contractor on a plan so the days are less disruptive.

For example, when a child was learning from home during an installation, one contractor changed the installation process so the child wouldn’t have to keep moving around to avoid them. “A lot of times we install all the windows in the entire house first [upstairs and downstairs] and then come back to cap them. But in this case [we did everything upstairs all at once].”

Schedule a walk-through

Plan time with your contractor to look over finished work to make sure everything was completed as expected. This will also give you the opportunity to learn how your new windows work (how to clean them, take out screens, etc.) and ask questions that could prevent issues in the future.

Contact your contractor a few days prior to installation day

No matter how well-prepared you feel, it’s always possible to overlook something important in this process. Reaching out to your contractor ahead of installation day with any special instructions or last-minute questions will help make sure you haven’t missed anything and everyone is on the same page.

The window installation process doesn't have to be time-consuming or frustrating. Simply planning for the day will help you keep everyone safe and make sure things stay on schedule.

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